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See what’s on SCOTUS’s docket for the 2019-2020

September 11, 2019

SCOTUS has some very important criminal law cases on its docket for this term. They involve “crimmigration,” juvenile life without parole, and the 4th Amendment, among many other issues. Read SCOTUSblog’s preview of the 2019-2020 term thus far here.


Women lawyers in SCOW

SCOWstats just updated its data on the number of women lawyers arguing to SCOW. Looks like overall the percentage of arguments delivered by women has dipped (or, in the case of private firms, dropped). Only the State Public Defender consistently has more women than men arguing to SCOW. You go, girls! 🙂


SCOW to address interrogations and equivocal/unequivocal assertions of Miranda rights

September 4, 2019

State v. Ulanda M. Green, 2018AP1350-CR, petition for review granted 9/3/19; case activity (including briefs) Issues: Whether law enforcement’s “dialogue” with Green amounted to an “interrogation” that should have been preceded by a Miranda warning? Whether Green invoked her right to remain silent when law enforcement asked her if she would like to make a […]


SCOW to address mootness, the due process right interpreters, and other Chapter 51 issues

Waukesha County v. J.J.H., 2018AP168, petition for review granted 9/3/19, case activity Issues:  Whether the mootness doctrine should apply to an appeal from a commitment order? Whether the circuit court violated due process when it held a Chapter 51 probable cause hearing and ordered a 30-day commitment/temporary guardianship/protective placement under §51.67 without providing J.J.H., who is […]


COA upholds admission of prior confrontations with police in disorderly conduct trial

State v. Eric L. Vanremortel, 2018AP417, 9/4/19, District 3 (one-judge decision; ineligible for publication); case activity (including briefs) Vanremortel was charged with disorderly conduct for an incident in which he followed the wife of a retired police officer in her car, then repeatedly got out of his own car and shouted at her. The state […]


COA affirms TPR – parent’s claims fall on credibility grounds

State v. T.L.G., 5018AP1291, 9/4/19, District 1 (one-judge decision; ineligible for publication); case activity T.L.G., who is cognitively limited, appeals the termination of her parental rights to her son. During the proceedings below her lawyer requested a competency evaluation; eventually the court appointed T.L.G. a guardian ad litem. T.L.G. ultimately pleaded no-contest to the asserted […]


May courts presume a person is competent to agree to commitment for treatment if a doctor opines that he isn’t?

September 3, 2019

Dane County v. N.W., 2019AP48, 8/29/29, District 4 (1-judge opinion, ineligible for publication); case activity N.W. entered a written stipulation to extend his Chapter 51 involuntary mental commitment. On appeal he argued that due process required the circuit court to conduct a colloquy to determine whether he knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily agreed to the extension […]


DOT rule governing tinted car windows is valid, and so is the stop based on its suspected violation

State v. Richard Rusk, 2019AP135-CR, 8/29/19, District 4 (1-judge opinion, ineligible for publication); case activity (including briefs) An officer stopped Rusk because he believed that tinting on the windshield of Rusk’s vehicles extended so far down as to violate Wis. Admin § Trans 305.34(6)(c)(May 2014). Rusk argued that this was a mistake of law because the […]


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