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Ohio jurists call for centralized criminal sentencing database to reduce mass inacarceration

January 8, 2020

Centralized sentencing data would make the administration of justices more fair and transparent. Appellate courts could use the data to ensure that sentences under review are consistent and serve the fundamental purposes of sentencing. Wow! There’s an idea. Read more here. 


COA reverses order suppressing identification evidence obtained in a lineup

State v. Andre David Nash, 2018AP1595-CR, 1/7/20, District 1 (not recommended for publication); case activity (including briefs). Under Wisconsin law, once a defendant shows that an out-of-court identification procedure is impermissibly suggestive, the State has the burden of demonstrating that the identification was still reliable and should be admitted into evidence. Powell v. State, 86 […]


Sex offender can’t change name to “Better Off Dead”

He really wanted that name, the Minnesota court of appeals said “no” despite the 1st Amendment. The new name would be misleading and confusing. Read about it here.


Fun facts on SCOW and SCOTUS

Guess which SCOTUS justice Wisconsin’s Supreme Court justices cite most often? Okay. That’s too easy. The answer is Scalia. But do you know which SCOW justice cites Scalia the most? And can you guess the second most frequently cited SCOTUS justice. Find out more fun facts here.


Family court judge accused of runing threesomes with staff

No, not a Wisconsin judge. But if you’re sleepy, this story will wake you up.


Coming soon: Blockbuster decisions from SCOTUS

January 6, 2020

Erwin Chemerinsky, a SCOTUS expert, summarizes the most controversial cases the court will decide this term. First and Second Amendment rights, abortion rights, DACA are all on the agenda. Find out more here.


Pro se appeal from termination of parental rights fails

State v. A.M., 2019AP475-476, District 1, 1/3/20, (1-judge opinion, ineligible for publication); case activity This is A.M.’s pro se appeal from an order terminating her parental rights to her two children. The briefs are confidential, and the court of appeals states that it had difficulty discerning her arguments.  She appears to have argued that she […]


SCOW: Defendants at 2nd grade level, abandoned by counsel, must research and apply law pro se

January 2, 2020

State ex rel. Wren v. Richardson, 2017AP880-W, 2019 WI 110, affirming a court of appeals unpublished memorandum opinion; case activity (including briefs) Two weeks ago, we posted “SCOW holds defendants abandoned by counsel to same standards as licensed lawyers,” calling State v. Pope “the most absurd decision this term (still time for worse).” Behold an […]


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