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SCOW to address whether solicitation of reckless conduct is a crime

June 13, 2019

State v. Kelly James Kloss, 2018AP651-CR, petition and cross petition for review of a published court of appeals decision, both granted 6/11/19; case activity (including briefs) Issues: Is solicitation of first degree reckless injury a crime under Wisconsin law? Is solicitation of first degree recklessly endangering safety a lesser included offense of first degree reckless […]


SCOW okays default Chapter 51 recommitments without notice to the subject individual

June 12, 2019

Waukesha County v. S.L.L., 2019WI66, affirming an unpublished court of appeals opinion, 2017AP1468; 6/12/19; case activity This 4-3 decision is alarming. Waukesha County petitioned to recommit S.L.L., a homeless person, but failed to serve her with notice of the hearing because it had no idea where she was. Since she was not served, she didn’t […]


SCOTUS takes on death penalty re-sentencing issues

McKinney v. Arizona, USSC No. 18-1109, certiorari granted 6/10/19 Questions presented: 1. Whether the Arizona Supreme Court was required to apply current law when weighing mitigating and aggravating evidence to determine whether a death sentence is warranted 2. Whether the correction of error under Eddings v. Oklahoma, 455 U.S. 104 (1982), requires resentencing.


SCOW muddles confrontation, hearsay analysis; addresses Miranda at John Doe proceeding

June 9, 2019

State v. Peter J. Hanson, 2019 WI 63, 6/5/19, affirming an unpublished decision of the court of appeals; case activity (including briefs) Hanson was called to testify at a John Doe proceeding looking into an unsolved homicide. He was eventually charged with the crime, and at his trial the jury heard  a portion of Hanson’s John […]


SCOW: Burglary locations are modes, not elements

United States v. Dennis Franklin and Shane Sahm, 2019 WI 64, 6/6/19, answering a question certified by the Seventh Circuit; case activity (including briefs) For state practitioners, the most interesting thing about Franklin is that it happened at all. Certified questions to the Wisconsin Supreme Court are rare, and a certified question presented in a federal […]


COA clarifies summary judgment procedure and the “continuing denial of visitation” grounds for TPR

Juneau County D.H.S. v. S.G.M., 2019AP553-556, 6/6/19, District 4 (1-judge opinion; ineligible for publication); case activity This appeal presents two issues of TPR law: (1) Whether a county must file an affidavit in support of its summary judgment motion; and (2) Whether Juneau County satisfied the requirement of §48.415(4)(a), which governs the “continuing denial of visitation.”


COA: Paper copies didn’t satisfy open records request for emails

Bill Lueders v. Scott Krug, 2018AP431, 6/5/19, District 2 (recommended for publication); case activity (including briefs) Here’s a non-criminal case that may nevertheless prove useful to your criminal practice, if you seek information via the open-records law. Lueders (a reporter) sent an open records request to Krug (a state legislator)’s office, asking for emails referring […]


COA reinforces Wisconsin’s elimination of 4th Amendment protections in traffic stops

June 5, 2019

State v. Courtney C. Brown, 2017AP774-CR, 6/5/17, District 2 (recommended for publication); case activity (including links to briefs) This is a published, split decision with a vigorous, showstopping “concurrence” by Reilly. Neubauer and Hagedorn hold that after writing Brown a ticket for a seatbelt violation, an officer’s request that he exit his car and consent to […]


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