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7. Plain Error

State v. James D. Lammers, 2009 WI App 136, PFR filed 9/16/09For Lammers: Amelia L. Bizzaro Issue/Holding: ¶12      “Plain error” means a clear or obvious error, one that likely deprived the defendant of a basic constitutional right. State v. Frank, 2002 WI App 31, ¶25, 250 Wis. 2d 95, 640 N.W.2d 198 (Ct. App. 2001)… Read More


State v. Ronald J. Frank, 2002 WI App 31, PFR filed 1/2/02 For Frank: Jane K. Smith Issue: Whether testimonial references to an accepted offer to take a polygraph amounted to plain error. Holding: Plain error, § 901.03(4), requires “obvious” error, and is reserved for likely violations of basic constitutional right: “Frank identified no basic… Read More