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F. Interlocutory Appeal

State v. William F. Williams, 2000 WI App 123, 237 Wis.2d 591, 614 N.W.2d 11 For Williams: Steven P. Weiss, SPD, Madison Appellate Issue: Whether the trial court erroneously refused to accept an “Alford” plea under its express policy of never accepting one. Holding: ¶8  Even if we were to determine that the trial court… Read More


Cross-appeal on interlocutory appeal

Fedders v. American Family Mut. Ins. Co., 230 Wis.2d 577, 601 N.W.2d 861 (Ct. App. 1999) Issue: Whether a party may cross-appeal of right any interlocutory order after leave to appeal has been granted. Holding: “(W)e hold that once leave to appeal has been granted, any other interlocutory order is appealable only by leave of… Read More