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Defense wins!

Jackson County v. W.G., 2020AP961, District 4, 11/5/20 (one-judge decision; ineligible for publication); case activity The evidence presented at a ch. 51 extension hearing is found wanting because it doesn’t establish dangerousness as required by Langlade County v. D.J.W., 2020 WI 41, 391 Wis. 2d 231, 942 N.W.2d 277. ¶16     The County has the… Read more


Milwaukee County v. Cheri V., 2012AP1737, District 1, 12/18/12  court of appeals decision (1-judge, ineligible for publication); case activity   Mental health commitment, § 51.20, requires proof of mental illness and dangerousness. Cheri V. limits this challenge to the latter; the court agrees: ¶7        As seen from our recitation of the facts adduced at the trial… Read more