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3. Prisoner commitments

Winnebago County v. Christopher S., 2014AP1048, 4/1/15, District 2, click here for certification; certification granted 5/12/15, circuit court orders affirmed, 2016 WI 1 Issue This appeal raises an important issue of first impression regarding the constitutionality of a mental health treatment statute related to inmates within the Wisconsin state prison system. The question presented is… Read More


Winnebago County v. Martin W., 2014AP1351, District 2, 2/11/15 (1-judge decision; ineligible for publication); case activity In this case involving a ch. 51 proceeding involving a state prison inmate, the County met its burden under § 51.20(1)(ar) to prove by clear and convincing evidence that (1) appropriate less restrictive forms of treatment have been attempted unsuccessfully and (2) Martin… Read More