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a. Certified records

State v. Carmen L. Doss, 2008 WI 93, reversing 2007 WI App 208 For Doss: Robert R. Henak Issue: Whether the authenticating affidavit of a bank record was “testimonial” within the Confrontation Clause. Holding: ¶45      The parties do not dispute that the circuit court correctly described Crawford and Manuel as identifying business records as nontestimonial… Read More


Confrontation – Certified Medical Records

State v. Mahlik D. Ellington, 2005 WI App 243 For Ellington: Andrea Taylor Cornwall Issue/Holding1: The confrontation clause doesn’t prohibit a witness from reading to the jury admissible medical records: ¶13      First, as we have seen, the certified medical records were received by the trial court without objection. Certainly, the jurors could have read the… Read More