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f. Drug offenses

State v. Brantner, 2018AP53, petition for review of a summary order granted 5/14/19; case activity (including briefs) Issues: 1. Do the United States and Wisconsin Constitutional protections against double jeopardy bar the State from punishing a criminal defendant twice for violations of Wis. Stat. § 961.41(3g)(am) for possessing pills containing different doses of the same… Read More

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Stephen Dye v. Frank, 355 F.3d 1102 (7th Cir 2004) For Dye: Christopher M. Bailey Issue/Holding: To determine whether a civil penalty is so punitive that it is should be characterized as criminal punishment, we must consider the factors listed by the Supreme Court in Kennedy v. Mendoza-Martinez, 372 U.S. 144, 168-69 (1963), and reaffirmed in Hudson… Read More