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P. Testify on own behalf

State v. Patricia A. Weed, 2003 WI 85, affirming unpublished opinion of court of appeals For Weed: T. Christopher Kelly Issue/Holding: A defendant has a “fundamental” constitutional right to testify on his or her own behalf. ¶39. ¶43. Accordingly, in order to determine whether a criminal defendant is waiving his or her right to testify, a circuit court should… Read More


State v. Derryle S. McDowell, 2003 WI App 168, affirmed, 2004 WI 70, ¶¶42-47 For McDowell: Christopher J. Cherella Amici: Keith A. Findley, John T. Savee, John A. Pray, Frank Remington Center & WACDL Issue/Holding: The defendant’s right to testify does not include a right to testify falsely, Nix v. Whiteside, 475 U.S. 157 (1986): ¶37. From Nix, we derive five principles that… Read More