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11. Prior inconsistent stmnt

State v. Dennis J. Thornton, 2009AP3074-CR, District 2, 4/13/11 court of appeals decision (not recommended for publication); for Thornton: Angela C. Kachelski; case activity Scienter is not an element of § 940.225(3). State v. Lederer, 99 Wis. 2d 430, 433, 299 N.W.2d 457 (Ct. App. 1980) (statute requires proof of victim’s nonconsent – in contradistinction, presumably… Read More

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State v. Bryan Peter Leather, 2010AP354-CR, District 1, 4/5/11 court of appeals decision (not recommended for publication); for Leather: Rex Anderegg; case activity Leather argues he was entitled to call the prosecutor as a witness to testify about the complainant’s hearsay statements to her. The 6th amendment right to present a defense (confrontation and compulsory process)… Read More


Miranda – Impeachment – Harmless Error

State v. Marlon M. Anderson, 2010AP742-CR, District 1/4, 12/9/10 court of appeals decision (3-judge, not recommended for publication); for Anderson: Angela Conrad Kachelski; Anderson BiC; State Resp. A defendant’s statement made voluntarily but in violation of Miranda isn’t admissible in the State’s case-in-chief, but is admissible if the defendant testifies and the statement is inconsistent with… Read More


decision below: 2010 WI App 42; for Beauchamp: Martin E. Kohler, Craig S. Powell Issues (from Table of Pending Cases): Does the confrontation clause bar admission of testimonial dying declarations against a defendant in light of Crawford v. Washington, 541 U.S. 36 and State v. Manuel, 2005 WI 75, 281 Wis. 2d 554, 697 N.W.2d… Read More


State v. Marvin L. Beauchamp, 2010 WI App 42

court of appeals decision, affirmed, 2011 WI 27; for Beauchamp: Martin E. Kohler, Craig S. Powell; case activity Dying Declaration, § 908.045(3) ¶8        …  dying declaration, codified in Wisconsin Stat. Rule 908.045(3): “A statement made by a declarant while believing that the declarant’s death was imminent, concerning the cause or circumstances of… Read More