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3. Confidential informant

State v. Phonesavanh Vanmanivong, 2003 WI 41, reversing, 2001 WI App 299 For Vanmanivong: John J. Grau Issue/Holding: The test for disclosing an informant’s identity under § 905.10(3)(b) is found in the concurrence to State v. Outlaw, 108 Wis. 2d 112, 321 N.W.2d 145 (1982): ¶24. We now reaffirm our holding in Dowe that the concurrence in Outlaw states the test… Read More


State v. Marc Norfleet, 2002 WI App 140 For Norfleet: Alan D. Eisenberg Issue/Holding: Once the trial court reasonably determines that disclosure of an informant’s identity is required, there is no need to hold an in camera hearing, ¶¶13-14… Read More