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5. Prosecutorial discretion

Prosecuting collateral consequences

A prosecutor’s exercise of discretion can trigger or avoid collateral consequences for your client. This new law review article analyzes how and why prosecutors make these decisions… Read More


State v. Brian R. Corvino, 2016 WI App 52; case activity (including briefs) This decision examines § 967.055(2)(a), which requires the State to apply to the circuit court before amending an OWI charge. The court of appeals found that amending the charge here would be inconsistent with the public policy of deterring drunk-driving and held that the circuit… Read More


State v. Jeffrey L. Elverman, 2015 WI App 91; case activity (including state’s brief) The court rejects all challenges to a conviction of theft of more than $10,000. The issues mostly spring from the state’s use of Wis. Stat. § 971.36(4), which permits, under certain circumstances, the aggregation of multiple thefts into a single count. Elverman was a lawyer… Read More