B. Search warrants

The 4th Amendment: Persona Non Grata in SCOW?

June 22, 2015

The 4th Amendment has been described by Conservative HQ as “one of the most important arrows in the quiver against bullying big government.” Because the government doesn’t just search and seize paper–it also goes after your cell phones, your Facebook account, your email (even when stored on Google’s server), your […]

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Telephonic warrant for OWI blood draw satisfied § 968.12(3)

April 8, 2015

State v. Roberto F. Orozco-Angulo, 2014AP1744-CR, District 2, 4/8/15 (one-judge decision; ineligible for publication); case activity (including briefs) The procedure used to obtain a telephonic search warrant for a blood draw following Orozco-Angulo’s arrest for OWI and his refusal to submit to a blood test complied with the requirements of § 968.12(3) […]

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SCOW: Unlawful use of drug dog at suspect’s front door didn’t taint subsequent search warrant

March 11, 2015

State v. Gary Monroe Scull, 2015 WI 22, 3/5/16, affirming a published court of appeals decision; lead opinion by Justice Bradley; case activity (including briefs) In a decision that fails to engage the real issue presented in the case, the supreme court holds that the good-faith exception to the exclusionary rule […]

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Police had probable cause to administer PBT

February 11, 2015

City of Sheboygan v. Nathan J. Becker, 2014AP1991, District 2, 2/11/15 (1-judge decision; ineligible for publication); case activity (including briefs) After police stopped Becker because of erratic driving at 11:30 p.m. on July 4 they observed additional evidence of impairment—glassy eyes, slurred speech, odor of alcohol. Becker admitted he’d been drinking and turned in a mixed performance […]

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Court of appeals upholds broad warrants to search Google and Yahoo email accounts

November 14, 2014

State v. Kelly M. Rindfleisch, 2014 WI App 121; case activity Just how “particular” must a warrant to search a Gmail and Yahoo! Mail be in order to survive the Fourth Amendment’s “particularity” requirement? And does the answer change when the warrant is for searching the email accounts of someone other than the […]

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Warrant invalidated because primary basis consisted of information the police garthered by trespassing

September 30, 2014

State v. Jeremiah R. Popp & Christopher A. Thomas, 2014 WI App 100; case activity: Popp; Thomas The search warrant for the home shared by Popp and Thomas was invalid because the primary basis for the warrant was derived from observations made by police when they trespassed on the defendants’ property and […]

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Police had sufficient basis to request PBT

August 27, 2014

State v. Jeanmarie Carini, 2014AP526-CR, District 2, 8/27/14 (1-judge; ineligible for publication); case activity There was reasonable cause to believe Carini was driving while impaired and therefore police properly asked her to submit to a preliminary breath test.

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Counsel wasn’t ineffective for failing to call witness at Franks hearing

July 31, 2014

State v. Lester C. Gilmore, 2013AP2186-CR, District 2, 7/30/14 (not recommended for publication); case activity Trial counsel wasn’t ineffective for failing to call a witness at a Franks v. Delaware, 438 U.S. 154 (1978), hearing because counsel was concerned the witness was unpredictable and might undermine his argument and because he was instead […]

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SCOW unable to agree on whether cell phone tracking is a search

July 25, 2014

State v. Bobby L. Tate, 2014 WI 89, 7/24/14, affirming an unpublished court of appeals decision; majority opinion by Justice Roggensack; case activity State v. Nicolas Subdiaz-Osorio, 2014 WI 87, 7/24/14, affirming an unpublished per curiam court of appeals decision; lead opinion by Justice Prosser; case activity In two decisions consisting of 8 […]

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State v. Gary Monroe Scull, 2011AP2956-CR, petition for review granted 5/22/14

May 28, 2014

On review of published court of appeals decision; case activity Issue (composed by On Point) Did the good-faith exception to the exclusionary rule apply to a search of a home conducted in reliance on a search warrant that was itself based on a search by a drug-sniffing dog that violated Florida […]

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