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State v. Mose B. Coffee, 2018AP1209, petition for review granted 10/18/19; affirmed 6/5/20; case activity (including briefs) Issue: Whether evidence obtained during a warrantless search of a person’s vehicle incident to his OWI arrest must be suppressed when there was no reason to believe that evidence of the OWI arrest would be found in the area… Read More

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State v. Damon Keith Sutton, 2012 WI App 7 (recommended for publication); for Sutton: Maayan Silver; case activity Reasonable Suspicion – “Frisk,” of Vehicle Reasonable suspicion supported “protective search” of Sutton’s van following routine traffic stop: While the officer ran a document check, Sutton remained in the van. The officer discerned “distinct rocking motions,” which… Read More