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14. Reconfinement

State v. Larry Davis, 2017 WI App 55; case activity (including briefs) Applying § 304.072(4) and State v. Presley, 2006 WI App 82, 292 Wis. 2d 734, 715 N.W.2d 713, the court of appeals holds that a person who is revoked from extended supervision resumes serving his sentence when he is received in the prison system, not when… Read more


State v. Donald Odom, 2006 WI App 145 For Odom: Eileen Miller Carter; J.C. Moore, SPD, Milwaukee Trial Issue/Holding: Odom is entitled to full sentence credit on both his reconfinement and new sentence, given that they are concurrent, ¶34: (B)ecause Odom was sentenced on the same day to concurrent sentences for his revocation of extended release… Read more