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6. Custody in another state

State v. Cesar Antonio Lira, 2019AO691-CR, petition for review granted 1/20/21; case activity Issues presented (from the State’s PFR): 1. Under §973.155, a convicted offender is entitled to sentence credit for “all days spent in custody in connection with the course of conduct for which sentence was imposed.” And §973.15(5) provides that an offender lawfully… Read more


State v. Esteban Martinez, 2007 WI App 225 For Martinez: George Limbeck Issue/Holding: A Wisconsin inmate paroled to serve sentence in another jurisdiction is not entitled to credit for that service against subsequently-revoked Wisconsin parole; State v. Rohl, 160 Wis. 2d 325, 466 N.W.2d 208 (Ct. App. 1991), followed and State v. Kevin Brown, 2006 WI App 41… Read more