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You’ve seen the list of “most argumentative” lawyers :-) in SCOW. Now there’s a list of the “most argumentative” private and nonprofit firms in SCOW. Kudos to our comrades at the Remington Center, Legal Action of Wisconsin, and a number of private firms that take SPD cases for making the top 25 over the past… Read More


Shaken baby/abusive head trauma prosecutions

Guess whose paper is one of the top 10 downloads on the Social Science Research Network’s Criminal Procedure e-journal? Professor Keith Findley’s Feigned Consensus: Usurping the Law in Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma Cases.  To be fair, Keith has many co-authors, but he is listed first… Read More


Not in Wisconsin. In California. But when we say sanctioned we mean SANCTIONED–to the tune of $50,000. No typos. The lawyer asked questions about the confidential report during a deposition. Click here for more on that. Loose lips sink ships . . . and bank accounts… Read More


Something’s gotten better

Weather forecasts, for one… Read More


A bad lineup is worth a thousand words….

….telling an eyewitness which suspect to pick. The New York Times offers a glimpse (complete with photos) of some of the ways lineups, past and recent present, have been unfairly suggestive, here… Read More


More sentencing links

Following up on our post from earlier this week, here are some more links to sentencing issues of interest to Wisconsin practitioners. On the actuarial risk assessment instrument front, we recommend a paper called “The Accuracy, Equity, and Jurisprudence of Criminal Risk Assessment,” by Sharad Goal, Ravi Shroff, Jennifer Skeem, and Christopher Slobogin. It discusses… Read More


Sentencing links

Here are a couple of items on sentencing issues our readers may find interesting. The elderly prison population in Wisconsin is growing In 2000 there were 202 prisoners over 60 in the Wisconsin prison system; in 2016, the number was over 1,200. Michael O’Hear explores the numbers and policy ramifications in two posts (one and two) at… Read More


The odds of getting into Harvard are 5.2%. The odds of SCOTUS granting a petition for writ of certiorari are 1.2%–and only .5% if it is filed in forma pauperis. Yet our very own Andy Hinkel just did it. Without a supreme court clinic or an amicus curiae listed on his cert petition, without a… Read More

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