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§ 943.10(1)(a), Burglary – Entry to Commit Felony (Bail Jumping, § 946.49(1)(b))

State v. Jerome G. Semrau, 2000 WI App 54, 233 Wis. 2d 508, 608 N.W.2d 376
For Semrau: John D. Lubarsky, SPD, Madison Appellate

Issue: Whether the commission of felony bail jumping, by entering the complainant’s home in violation of bond conditions, supports burglary-entry of dwelling with intent to commit felony.

Holding: The underlying felony component of burglary must be a crime against persons or property; Semrau’s “core conduct” consisted of trying to intimidate a witness, which is a crime against a person and therefore supports the burglary charge. ¶35.

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