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§ 946.31(1)(a), Perjury – Elements – Sufficiency of Evidence

State v. Debra Noble, 2001 WI App 145, reversed, other groundsState v. Debra Noble, 2002 WI 64
For Noble: Jeff P. Brinckman

Issue: Whether the evidence was sufficient to sustain a perjury conviction.

Holding: Proof of the elements of perjury — “(1) An oral statement while under oath; (2) The statement was false when made; (3) The defendant did not believe that the statement was true when he or she made it; (4) The statement was made in a proceeding before a judge; (5) The statement was material to the proceeding, ¶8” — is sustained, for highly fact-specific reasons (most of the appellate challenges are held waived).

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