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ACLU news: Wisconsin sheriff policies on immigration don’t satisfy constitution; racial profiling lawsuit settled

The ACLU just released a report called “Fixing Wisconsin Sheriff Policies on Immigration Enforcement.” Among other things, it found that 24 Wisconsin counties have policies that allow or encourage the detention of immigrants for being undocumented or entering the country legally and then overstaying a visa. Without a warrant, this violates the constitution. Another 29 counties have no policies at all. What’s your county’s policy? Click here for the press release and here for the report.


And if you have not heard, Milwaukee has settled an ACLU lawsuit arguing that Milwaukee police stopped and frisked tens of thousands of Black and brown people without legal justification based only on race or ethnicity.  Read the ACLU’s press release here .  This 50-page settlement agreement prohibits (and requires) a long list of police department actions and is worth a quick review.

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