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Administrative Searches – Probation/Parole: “Forcible” Manner of Entry

State v. Jacob B. Jones, 2008 WI App 154, PFR filed 10/24/08
For Jones: David R. Karpe


¶24      Wisconsin Admin. Code § DOC 328.21(3)(f) (Dec. 2006) provides that probation or parole agents “may not forcibly enter a locked premises to search it if the client whose living quarters or property it is is not present.” Jones argues that the search of his bedroom was not reasonable because use of a locksmith constituted a forced entry in violation of § DOC 328.21(3)(f), and he asserts that this violation compels suppression of the evidence discovered during the search.

¶27      The Appendix states with regard to Wis. Admin. Code § DOC 328.21(3)(f) that “[t]he agent may enter in any way that does not do damage to the property.” Wis. Admin. Code § DOC 328 app. note DOC 328.21 (Dec. 2006). It is clear from the Appendix that the intent of § DOC 328.21(3)(f) is to prohibit agents from causing damage to a locked premises in order gain entry. Jones does not argue that the door to his bedroom was damaged as a result of the locksmith’s entry, and we conclude that the use of the locksmith to gain entry was not forcible in violation of § DOC 328.21(3)(f).


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