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August 2020 publication list

On August 31, 2020, the court of appeals ordered publication of the following criminal law related cases:

State v. Donnie Gene Richards, 2020 WI App 48 (application of Mitchell v. Wisconsin regarding warrantless blood draws of unconscious drivers)

State v. Yancy Kevin Dieter, 2020 WI App 49 (another warrantless blood draw justified by exigent circumstances)

State v. Alan M. Johnson, 2020 WI App 50 (new trial ordered because circuit court erred in denying self-defense and lesser-included offense instructions, and in excluding evidence supporting self defense)

State v. Keith C. Henyard, 2020 WI App 51 (no conflict of interest in representing defendant after having been the court commissioner who bound him over for trial)

State v. Dawn J. Levanduski, 2020 WI App 53 (refusal to submit to blood draw may be used against driver at OWI trial)

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