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a. Binding authority

Entitlement to Machner Hearing

State v. Jimmie C. Grayer, 2010AP1749-CR, District 1, 6/1/11 court of appeals decision (not recommended for publication); for Grayer: Bridget E. Boyle; case activity Postconviction denial of ineffective assistance of counsel challenge without Machner hearing upheld. 1. Although counsel performed deficiently by inaccurately telling the jury in his opening statement that Grayer’s in-custody had not been recorded by the… Read more

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On Point is very pleased to publish this guest post by Attorney Michael B. Brennan, currently practicing with Gass Weber Mullins LLC, and formerly a Milwaukee County Circuit Court judge. Mr. Brennan offers his thoughts on the fractured decision of the supreme court in State v. Forbush, 2011 WI 25. On Point invites readers to… Read more


Guilty Plea Waiver Rule

Columbia County v. Fred A. Ederer, 2010AP2369, District 4, 5/12/11 court of appeals decision (1-judge, not for publication); for Ederer: John Smerlinski; case activity Ederer’s no contest plea waived his right to appeal suppression issue in this OWI-1st (therefore, civil) case. His reliance on County of Ozaukee v. Quelle, 198 Wis. 2d 269, 275-76, 542 N.W.2d 196… Read more


State v. Brad E. Forbush, 2011 WI 25, reversing 2010 WI App  11; for Forbush: Craig A. Mastantuono, Rebecca M. Coffee; amicus: Colleen D. Ball, SPD, Milwaukee Appellate; case activity Forbush’s 6th amendment right to counsel had already attached – because a criminal complaint had been filed – and he had retained counsel before officers began interrogating him on… Read more


Adam Martine v. Quentin J. Williams, 2011 WI App 68 (recommended for publication); case activity ¶13      Prior to last year, this court applied a general rule regarding court of appeals’ cases reversed by the supreme court that “holdings not specifically reversed on appeal retain precedential value.”  Blum v. 1st Auto & Cas. Ins. Co., 2010 WI 78… Read more


Effect, Overruled Decision

Richardson v. Henderson, 2010AP1765, District 2, 3/9/11 court of appeals decision (1-judge, not for publication); case activity ¶7, n.4: Our supreme court has held that “when the supreme court overrules a court of appeals decision, the court of appeals decision no longer possesses any precedential value, unless this court expressly states otherwise.”  Blum v. 1st… Read more


State v. Mark D. Jensen, 2011 WI App 3; prior history: 2007 WI 26; for Jensen: Terry W. Rose, Christopher William Rose, Michael D. Cicchini; case activity; (Jensen BiC not posted); State Resp.; Jensen Reply Confrontation – Generally The Confrontation Clause regulates testimonial statements only, such that nontestimonial statements are excludable only under hearsay and other evidence-rule ¶¶22-26, citing Giles v… Read more


Jury – Deliberations – Sequestration

State v. Bradley A. Brandsma, 2010AP1429-CR , District 4, 12/23/10 court of appeals decision (1-judge, not for publication); for Brandsma: Anthony J. Jurek; case activity; Brandsma BiC; State Resp.; Reply Trial courts have “very broad discretion” under § 972.12 to allow a deliberating jury to separate overnight before returning to resume deliberations; court of appeals rejects… Read more