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State v. Glenn E. Davis, 2002 WI 75, reversing and remanding 2001 WI App 210, 247 Wis. 2d 917, 634 N.W.2d 922 For Davis: James M. Shellow Issue: Whether Richard A.P. evidence — that the defendant lacks the psychological characteristics of a sex offender and, therefore, was unlikely to have committed the charged offense —… Read more


State v. Richard A.P., 223 Wis.2d 777, 589 N.W.2d 674 (Ct. App. 1998) For Richard: Robert Henak Holding: The trial court reversibly erred in refusing to allow an expert psychologist to testify that defendant “did not show any evidence of any diagnosable sexual disorder. … [and] that absent a diagnosable disorder, it is unlikely that… Read more