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a. Right to be present

State v. Jacob Turner, 2013 WI App 23;  case activity Addressing an unusual set of facts, the court of appeals holds Turner’s constitutional rights to an impartial jury and due process were not violated by the seating of a juror who had not been summoned for service and who did not disclose that to the… Read more


Defendant’s Presence at Postconviction Hearing

State v. William L. Brockett, 2002 WI App 115, PFR filed 5/17/02 For Brockett: Hans P. Koesser Issue/Hearing: The defendant’s right to personal presence at a postconviction evidentiary hearing hinges on the existence of substantial issues of fact in which the defendant participated. Here, there was a substantial dispute, but it related to a “side issue,”… Read more


State v. Paul L. Polak, 2002 WI App 120, PFR filed 5/3/02 For Polak: Philip J. Brehm Issue/Holding: A defendant need not be produced for a postconviction hearing where there are no substantial issues of fact to resolve. ¶22… Read more