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d. Laches

State v. Terry G. Vollbrecht, 2012 WI App 90 (recommended for publication); case activity § 974.06 Motion – Laches Inapplicable  ¶17 n. 14: While we acknowledge the State’s argument that Vollbrecht’s Wis. Stat. § 974.06 motion is barred by laches and its request that we certify the issue to the supreme court, we decline the State’s invitation.  The State concedes… Read more


on review of summary order (District 2); for Negrete: Jeffrey W. Jensen; case activity Plea Withdrawal – Collateral Attack – Deportation Consequences  Issues (Composed by On Point): 1. Whether the laches doctrine bars Negrete’s motion to withdraw his guilty plea, 18 years after he entered it. 2. Whether Negrete’s assertion that he didn’t know his… Read more