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b. Sentence modification

State v. Roger S. Walker, 2006 WI 82, affirming as modified summary order For Walker: James Rebholz Issue/Holding: In order to obtain review, a defendant must file a postconviction motion to modify sentence, even if the event was a re-sentencing which came to the same result as originally imposed. ¶37      In the hope of clarifying… Read more


Sentence Modification – Notice to State

State v. Michael A. Grindemann, 2002 WI App 106, PFR filed 5/23/02 For Grindemann: Leonard D. Kachinsky Issue/Holding: The trial court erred in granting a motion to modify sentence without either seeking the state’s response or holding a hearing. Procedure on motion to modify sentence is similar to that for a post-conviction motion under § 974.06(3)… Read more


State v. John Casteel, 2001 WI App 188, PFR filed Issue: Whether defendant is entitled to have reviewed on the merits issues that either were, or could have been, raised on prior appeals. Holding: ¶13. On appeal, Casteel raises three arguments, two of which we previously have addressed. He provides no reasoning why he could… Read more