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e. Probable cause absent

State v. Valiant M. Green, 2022 WI 41, affirming a court of appeals summary disposition, 2019AP2150-CR, case activity (including briefs) Does an affidavit supporting a warrant for a blood draw state probable cause where it alleges that the defendant “drove or operated a motor vehicle at driveway of [residential address]” and that the defendant “admitted… Read more

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State v. Valiant M. Green, 2019AP2150, petition for review of a summary order of the court of appeals granted 9/14/21; case activity (including briefs) Issue presented (from the petition): Did the affidavit in support of that search warrant fail to state probable cause to believe that Mr. Green had committed a crime and thus require… Read more


State v. Paul L. Linde, 2014AP2445-CR, 8/2/16, District 3 (not recommended for publication); case activity (including briefs) A court commissioner issued a warrant to search Linde’s cabin for evidence of drug manufacturing and for drug paraphernalia. It was based in part on a tip by an anonymous informant, a fact that proved decisive in the… Read more


State v. Jeremiah R. Popp & Christopher A. Thomas, 2014 WI App 100; case activity: Popp; Thomas The search warrant for the home shared by Popp and Thomas was invalid because the primary basis for the warrant was derived from observations made by police when they trespassed on the defendants’ property and peered into their windows. After… Read more


Traffic stop – tail lamp violation

State v. Antonio D. Brown, 2013 WI App 17, petition for review granted 10/15/13; case activity Police lacked probable cause to stop Brown for a defective tail lamp, § 347.13, based on one unlit bulb (out of four) in the tail lamp assembly: ¶19 The parties agree with the circuit court’s finding that the police… Read more


State v. Damon Keith Sutton, 2012 WI App 7 (recommended for publication); for Sutton: Maayan Silver; case activity Reasonable Suspicion – “Frisk,” of Vehicle Reasonable suspicion supported “protective search” of Sutton’s van following routine traffic stop: While the officer ran a document check, Sutton remained in the van. The officer discerned “distinct rocking motions,” which… Read more


State v. Dimitrius Anagnos, 2011 WI App 118 (recommended for publication); for Anagnos: Barry S. Cohen; case activity; reversed, 2012 WI 64 Traffic Stop – No Turn Signal Failure to use a turn signal where neither traffic nor pedestrians are present doesn’t support a traffic stop: ¶9        Wisconsin Stat. § 346.34(1)(b) states that a driver must use a… Read more


State v. Jerome Hoehne, 2009AP2561-CR, District 4, 9/15/10 court of appeals decision (1-judge, not for publication); for Hoehen: Bill Ginsberg; BiC; Resp.; Reply Probable Cause – Traffic Violation: Driving in Center Lane Driving in the center lane of a 3-lane highway did not support probable cause to arrest for a traffic violation: ¶8        On appeal, the… Read more