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Dangerous weapon

State v. Danny Arthur Wright, 2021AP1252-CR, District 3, 05/16/23 (not recommended for publication); case activity (including briefs) The state charged Wright with first degree sexual assault with use of a dangerous weapon. The alleged dangerous weapon at issue was a ZAP STICK. Wright filed a motion in limine to bar the state from calling a Detective… Read more


State v. John W. Page, 2000 WI App 267, 240 Wis.2d 276, 622 N.W.2d 285 For Page: William E. Schmaal, SPD, Madison Appellate Issue: Whether possession of dangerous weapon enhancer, § 939.63, requires actual use or threat to use the weapon while committing the enhanced offense. Holding: Under the correct reading of [State v.] Peete [,185 Wis. 2d… Read more