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Ch. 51 mental health commitment — sufficiency of the evidence

Winnebago County v. Gina A.R., 2013AP226, District 2, 5/22/13; court of appeals decision (1-judge; ineligible for publication); case activty

The court rejects Gina A.R.’s claim that the evidence at the final hearing was insufficient to show she  is mentally ill, a proper subject for treatment, and dangerous, noting that much of her argument discusses facts not in the record and that the undisputed facts supported the commitment order. (¶¶4-6). The court also rejects her claim that the involuntary treatment order is invalid because she doesn’t have a mental illness, as it already found the commitment order to be supported by the evidence; in addition, the County proved Gina is incompetent to refuse treatment through the psychiatrist’s testimony, and Gina’s own statements to the circuit court supported the finding that she is not competent to refuse treatment. (¶8).


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