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Coming Tuesday: SCOTUS and SCOW to hear arguments in big 4th Amendment cases

SCOW.   State v. Delap: SCOW recently rejected the idea that the doctrine of hot pursuit always justifies a forcible warrantless entry into the residence of one suspected of minor criminal activity.  See State v. Weber. But does the doctrine justify warrantless entry in this case, where . . .

Delap ran into his house after police told him to stop (they had warrants for his arrest, though it’s unclear whether they were for criminal offenses, family court, or what) and they forced open his door and drew a taser on him? For more in this case, read our post here.

(Correction: SCOW recently removed State v Delap from Tuesday’s argument calendar. We’ll notify you of the new date when it is available.)

SCOTUS.  Collins v. Virginia: Whether the Fourth Amendment’s automobile exception permits a police officer, uninvited and without a warrant, to enter private property, approach a house and search a vehicle parked a few feet from the house.

Byrd v. United States: Does a driver have a reasonable expectation of privacy in a rental car when he has the renter’s permission to drive the car but is not listed as an authorized driver on the rental agreement. For more on the SCOTUS cases, Orin Kerr fans might enjoy his posts here and here.

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