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Friday frivolities!

How about a break from all of the serious posts on the latest appellate decisions? Today On Point brings you links to the far-fetched and funny fringes of the law!


What happens when a juror (who also happens to be a lawyer) flips the bird at the defendant?  Find out here.

Can lawyers smoke pot in states where recreational use of marijuana is legal?  Read about that ethical conundrum here.

Private bar lawyer bills Iowa public defender over 24 hours per day on 80 separate days.  Busted here!

Court-appointed lawyer who billed a Georgia County $1.1 million over 5 years cleared here.  (Old news, but still an interesting juxtaposition to the story above).

Should lawyers bring their dogs to work?  This lawyer says “yes.”

Sarcasm in the United State Supreme Court.  It’s not so funny here.

And, finally, woman accidentally texts cop about drug deal!  Click here.



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