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Links to the latest legal news!

How often does On Point say “this is a must see”? Not too often. (Last time was John Oliver’s show on public defenders.) So trust us. You do not want to miss seeing how Bryan Wilson, Texas Law Hawk, markets his criminal defense practice. Click here!

And now for a super fun ethics quiz. Suppose you’re writing a brief challenging a lower court decision. Does calling the appellate panel “three blind mice” and describing a judge as having “served the historical role that Monica Lewinsky played for President Clinton” cross the line? You’ll find the answer here, where you can also read other, more colorful excerpts from one lawyer’s briefs.

What to do with sex offenders after prison. Do they ever get released? Click here for the New York Times story.

If you’re working on a racial profiling issue, you might check out a new paper: “Race and Racial Profiling” here.

“Will crime rise if more people are kept out of prison?” Naturally, there are different perspectives on this issue. See a sampling of them in the New York Times here.

And while we’re on the subject of prison sentences, you might consider this new paper “Saving the United States from Lurching to Another Sentencing Crisis” here.

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