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Milwaukee Branch of the NAACP v. Scott Walker, 2012AP557-LV, District 4/2, 2/28/12

court of appeals certification request; case activity

Voter ID Law 

(From the Certification:)

There are many issues in this case, but this certification focuses on the following questions:  (1) What level of judicial scrutiny should be employed in reviewing the plaintiffs’ challenge to the Act?  (2) Does the Wisconsin Constitution provide greater protection to voting rights than is guaranteed under the United States Constitution?  (3) Did the circuit court correctly assess the burden imposed by the Act from the facts of this record? and (4) Given the answers to these previous questions, are the Act’s identification requirements permitted by the Wisconsin Constitution?

Companion case: League of Women Voters of Wisconsin Education Network, Inc. v. Scott Walker. Not necessarily directly relevant to SPD practice, but certainly the issues are of widespread interest.

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