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Mootness – Reconfinement Proceeding

State v. Clayborn L. Walker, 2008 WI 34, reversing 2007 WI App 142
For Walker: Amelia L. Bizzaro


¶14      As a preliminary matter, while the issue before the court is moot because Walker has completed his reconfinement term and thus our decision will not affect the underlying controversy, we may at times consider a moot issue if it is of “great public importance or arises frequently enough to warrant a definitive decision to guide the circuit courts.” State ex rel. Riesch v. Schwarz, 2005 WI 11, ¶12, 278 Wis.  2d 24, 692 N.W.2d 219. Because circuit courts regularly preside over reconfinement hearings, we review the issue at hand even though it is moot.

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