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Next up in the Supreme Court of Wisconsin

Tomorrow look for decisions in:

Outagamie County v. Melanie L., 2012AP99,

Manitowoc County v. Samuel J.H., 2012AP665,

State v. Brandon M. Melton, 2011AP1770-CR/2100AP1771-Cr,

On Friday SCOW will release decisions in:

State v. Starks, 2010AP425

State v. Alexander, 2011AP394-CR

State v. Edler, 2011AP2916-CR

If you’re following petitions for review, the next petitions conference is July 31st.

And SCOW recently posted the oral argument schedule for September 2013.  Here are the cases of interest to appointed counsel:

September 3, 2013:

Milwaukee County v. Mary F-R, 2012AP958

State v. Robinson, 2011AP2833, 2011AP2833

State v. Lopez, 2011AP2733

September 4, 2013:

State v. Jackson, 2011AP2698-CR

State v. Pinno, 2011AP2424-CR

State v. Seaton, 2012AP918

September 11, 2013:

State v. Magett, 2010AP1639-CR




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