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Reasonable suspicion for traffic stop amply demonstrated

City of New Berlin v. Eric John Dreher, 2020AP850, District 2, 11/25/20 (one-judge decision; ineligible for publication); case activity (including briefs)

An officer testified he observed Dreher cut across lanes while turning, deviate from his lane, and travel at a high rate of speed. This led the officer to believe the driver was impaired, as “it was some of the worst driving that [he] observed in over 250 drink driv[ing] arrests.” The circuit court found there was reasonable suspicion to believe the driver was impaired, as well as that he committed some traffic law violations (speeding, lane deviation, improper turn). Dreher argues there wasn’t sufficient specific evidence to prove the traffic law violations (e.g., the officer didn’t use radar), but even if that’s the case, the officer’s observations—none of which was refuted—provided ample reasonable suspicion to believe Dreher was impaired. Enough said.

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