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Restitution — Damages — Causation — Securities Fraud

State v. Bernell Ross, 2003 WI App 27, PFR filed 2/21/03
For Ross: Andrew Mishlove

Issue/Holding: Ross was convicted of a pattern of racketeering involving securities fraud contrary to Wis. Stat. §§ 551.41(2) and 946.82(2), (3), (4) and 946.83 (WOCCA). This pattern of racketeering, based in fraudulent activities occurring in Wisconsin and contrary to the securities law, also affected investors in other parts of the country. By claiming at various times that the securities he was selling were registered in Wisconsin (which implied disclosure) when they were not, and then continuing to sell these securities after a stop order had been issued, Ross aided in creating victims in other states. Thus, it is clear that the fraudulent activities perpetrated in Wisconsin were a substantial factor in attracting investors in other states, which provides the proper nexus between the crimes and the losses to out- of-state victims. ¶¶55-57.

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