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Sentencing Review – Factors – Proof of (Other Offenses)

State v. David G. Straszkowski, 2008 WI 65, affirming summary order
For Straszkowski Philip J. Brehm

Issue/Holding: The sentencing court may consider uncharged and unproven offenses, ¶36; id n. 20:

State v. Leitner, 2002 WI 77, ¶45, 253 Wis.  2d 449, 646 N.W.2d 341. See also State v. McQuay , 154 Wis. 2d 116, 126, 452 N.W.2d 377 (1990) (“Evidence of unproven offenses involving the defendant may be considered by the court for” the purpose of “determining the character of the defendant and the need for his incarceration and rehabilitation.”); Elias v. State, 93 Wis. 2d 278, 284, 286 N.W.2d 559 (1980) (“[T]he trial court in imposing sentence for one crime can consider other unproven offenses, since those other offenses are evidence of a pattern of behavior which is an index of the defendant’s character, a critical factor in sentencing.”) (citations omitted).


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