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State v. Carl Cornelius Gilbert, Jr. / State v. Price T. Hunt, 2011 WI App 61, review granted 8/31/11

on review of published decision; for Gilbert: William J. Tyroler, SPD, Milwaukee Appellate; for Hunt:  Eric James Van Schyndle, Leah Stoecker, Allison E. Cimpl-Wiemer; case activity (Gilbert), case activity (Hunt)

SVP – Pre-Commitment Return to DOC Custody 

Issues (Composed by On Point):

  1. Whether the State may bring a Wis. Stat. ch. 980 commitment petition to judgment when the respondent is in the exclusive custody of the Department of Corrections, such that the mandate of the commitment judgment—assumption of respondent’s custody by the Department of Health Services for control, care and treatment until no longer sexually violent, Wis. Stat. § 980.06—cannot be effectuated.
  2. Whether such a scheme, which countenances incarceration of a DOC prisoner under a civil “commitment” outside DHS auspices, violates state and federal rights to due process.

See prior post, here, for further discussion.

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