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The Plotkin Analysis: update on draft legislation

The Legislative Council study committees I mentioned in July are beginning to work on draft legislation that will be forwarded to the Legislature for its consideration early next year.

 Most of the legislation affects the SPD or our clients, but two drafts are particularly noteworthy at this point.

 First, WLC 0010/1, being considered by the Special Committee on Permanency for Young Children in the Child Welfare System, would return the ability for the SPD to represent adults in Children in Need of Protective Services (CHIPS) proceedings.  The 1995 biennial budget removed this authorization, and this draft simply restores it.  Preliminary discussion are underway to provide the funding and staffing necessary to accomodate the additional caseload.

 Second, WLC 0016/1, being considered by the Special Committee on Review of Emergency Detention and Admission of Minors Under Chapter 51, creates a uniform statewide definition and process for tolling the time for the 72 hour probably cause hearing in a Chapter 51 emergency detention.  Named (admittedly, by me) the “Purtell Amendment,” the impetus for the legislation was a well crafted memorandum from Dennis Purtell, Local Attorney Manager in the Milwauke Juvenile/Mental Health Office.

 I’ve very much appreciated the help I’ve gotten from staff in the areas of change being considered by these committees.  The practical knowledge and feedback from SPD staff goes a long way to responding to opposing arguments.  Here is a list, with links, to the other drafts being considered by the various committees.  If you have thoughts or questions on any of them, please feel free to contact me.

 Special Committee on Review of Emergency Detention and Admission of Minors Under Chapter 51

  • WLC: 0073/4, relating to emergency detention, involuntary commitment, and privileged communications and information.
  • WLC: 0024/1, relating to a county correctional facility disabled offender economic security pilot program, and making an appropriation.

Special Committee on Permanency for Young Children in the Child Welfare System

  • WLC: 0007/1, relating to next of kin of parental homicide victim.
  • WLC: 0008/1, relating to sibling visitation.
  • WLC: 0009/1, relating to CHIPS jurisdiction over a newborn.
  • WLC: 0011/1, relating to physical, psychological, mental, or developmental examination and AODA assessment of a person.
  • WLC: 0012/1, relating to TPR ground of continuing CHIPS.
  • WLC: 0013/1, relating to when no reasonable efforts are required.
  • WLC: 0014/1, relating to demand for speedy trial in criminal case.

 Special Committee on Permanency for Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias

  • WLC: 0015/P1, relating to involuntary administration of psychotropic medication to a person with irreversible dementia.
  • WLC: 0017/1, relating to inpatient psychiatric treatment for individuals with irreversible dementia.
  • WLC: 0018/1, relating to authorization of an agent under a power of attorney for health care to make certain decisions related to care and treatment of irreversible dementia and to consent to the admission of the principal to certain facilities.
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