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Victim impact statement — consideration at sentencing

State v. Jack Minniecheske, 2012AP1133, District 3, 1/23/13; court of appeals decision (1-judge, not eligible for publication); case activity

 Because Wis. Stat.  § 950.04(1v)(m) gives victims the right to provide statements at sentencing, the circuit court properly considered a victim impact statement despite defendant’s objection to it as “frivolous” and his claim the victim stole his property. “Moreover, given Minniecheske’s sentence, a fine and costs, there is no indication in the record that the court sentenced Minniecheske more harshly because of the allegations in the victim impact statement.” (¶8). The court also rejects the defendant’s claim that the submission of the victim impact statement means he should be allowed to withdraw his plea: “The [circuit] court’s review of the victim impact statement does not amount to a manifest injustice.” (¶9).

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