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Review of unpublished court of appeals decision; case activity Issues (composed by On Point) 1. Whether the jury instructions on self defense as it pertained to second degree reckless homicide fairly and adequately explained the defense to the jury. 2. Whether trial court erroneously excluded evidence of the victim’s reputation for violence. Petitions for review aren’t… Read more


Next up in the Supreme Court of Wisconsin

Tomorrow look for decisions in: Outagamie County v. Melanie L., 2012AP99, Manitowoc County v. Samuel J.H., 2012AP665, State v. Brandon M. Melton, 2011AP1770-CR/2100AP1771-Cr, On Friday SCOW will release decisions in: State v. Starks, 2010AP425 State v. Alexander, 2011AP394-CR State v. Edler, 2011AP2916-CR If you’re following petitions for review, the next petitions conference is July 31st… Read more


State v. Curtis L. Jackson, 2011AP2698-CR, District 1, 10/10/12; court of appeals decision (not recommended for publication), petition for review granted 2/11/13, affirmed, 2014 WI 4 (1/22/14); case activity Waiver (Lack of Objection), Generally – Jury Instructions ¶8        … To obtain relief based on a jury instruction to which no objection was made, Jackson… Read more