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g. DPA

State v. Chase E. Kaczmarski, 2009 WI App 117 For Kaczmarski: Harold L. Harlowe, David M. Gorwitz Issue/Holding: ¶7        Forfeiture is a rule of judicial administration, and whether we apply the rule is a matter addressed to our discretion. [3] See Ford Motor Co. v. Lyons, 137 Wis. 2d 397, 417, 405 N.W.2d 354 (Ct… Read more


State v. Rex E. Wollenberg, 2004 WI App 20, PFR filed 1/8/04 For Wollenberg: Susan E. Alesia, SPD, Madison Appellate Issue/Holding: ¶12. Second, assuming this was a DPA, Wollenberg claims the judgment is void because the agreement was never in writing. Wollenberg, however, invited the error he alleges, and we normally will not review invited… Read more