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H. Certification by COA

State v. Corey Rector, 2020AP1213, certification filed 11/24/21; granted 2/16/22; affirmed 5/23/23; District 2; case activity (including briefs) Issue (from the certification): Whether the plain meaning of “separate occasions” in the sex-offender-registration statute means that the two convictions must have occurred at different times in two separate proceedings so that the qualifying convictions occurred sometime… Read more

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State v. Jacob Richard Beyer, 2019AP1983, 9/24/20, District 4; case activity (including briefs); certification granted 11/18/20, reversed, 2021 WI 59 Wisconsin courts apply a robust guilty-plea waiver rule: in general, a plea will block a defendant from appealing any issue litigated before the plea. There is one important statutory exception: Wis. Stat. § 971.31(10) entitles… Read more


State v. Philip J. Hawley, 2015AP1113, District 4, 11/21/18; case activity (including briefs) Our supreme court has, three times, set out to decide whether the  implied-consent statute supplies “consent” in a Fourth Amendment sense, such that it constitutes an exception to the warrant requirement. Three times, it has failed to reach a binding majority on… Read more


State v. Johnny K. Pinder, 2017AP208-CR, District 2, certification filed 12/13/17, certification granted 3/14/18, affirmed, 2018 WI 106; case activity (including briefs) Issue (from certification): If a search warrant issued under WIS. STAT. § 968.12 for the placement and use of a GPS tracking device on a motor vehicle is not executed within five days after… Read more