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13. Implied consent decision

State v. Steven N. Jackson, 2015AP2682, 9/22/16, District 4 (1-judge decision; ineligible for publication); case activity (including briefs) Steven Jackson was arrested for OWI and also charged with a refusal to submit to a blood test. On appeal of the refusal, he first argues that the officers lacked probable cause to arrest him. The court of… Read more


State v. Darin W. Baratka, 2002 WI App 288, PFR filed 10/20/02 For Baratka: Michael C. Witt Issue/Holding: ¶7. Application of the implied consent statute to an undisputed set of facts is a question of law that we review independently. Similarly, reconciling constitutional considerations of due process and equal protection with the requirements of the… Read more