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g. Jury waiver

State v. Kerby G. Denman, 2001 WI App 96, 243 Wis. 2d 14, 626 N.W.2d 29. For Denman: Glenn L. Cushing, SPD, Madison Appellate Issue: Whether a Ch. 980 respondent’s jury waiver requires advice of the right to a unanimous verdict. Holding: The court “look(s) to WIS. STAT. § 980.05(2), rather than the case law… Read more


State v. Harry S. Bernstein, 231 Wis.2d 392, 605 N.W.2d 555 (Ct. App. 1999) For Bernstein: Mary E. Waitrovich, SPD, Madison Appellate Issue: After the state requests then withdraws a request for jury in a Ch. 980 proceeding, must trial to the court be premised on the respondent’s personal consent to this withdrawal? Holding: Under… Read more