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a. Collateral attack

State v. Thomas H. Bush (II), 2004 WI App 193, reversed in part, 2005 WI 103 For Bush: Robert G. LeBell Issue: Whether Bush, on appeal from denial of petition for release from SVP commitment, § 980.09(2), is procedurally barred from challenging the constitutionality of his underlying commitment because he could have raised such challenge… Read more


State ex rel Edwin C. West v. Bartow, 2002 WI App 42 For West: Leonard D. Kachinsky Issue: Whether the court had discretion to order change of venue from Winnebago (county of current SVP confinement) to Milwaukee (county of commitment), on habeas challenge to the commitment. Holding: Venue was proper in Winnebago under § 801.50(4)(b)… Read more