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3. Coercion

State v. Chrystul D. Kizer, 2021 WI App 46, state’s petition for review granted 9/14/21, affirmed, 2022 WI 58; case activity (including briefs) The court of appeals gives the affirmative defense in § 939.46(1m) for victims of human trafficking and child sex trafficking its ordinary, common-sense meaning, and rejects the crabbed reading given the statute… Read more


State v. Dustin Charles Yenter, 2017AP2253, 11/29/18, District 4 (1-judge opinion; ineligible for publication); case activity (including briefs) Yenter was convicted of OWI and driving with a PAC, both as first offenses. He wanted to argue that he had no choice but to drive drunk because he and his passengers had fled a fight in… Read more

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State v. Ron Joseph Allen, 2016AP885, 6/13/17, District 1 (not recommended for publication); case activity (including briefs) A jury convicted Ron Allen of first-degree intentional homicide as party to the crime. He raises various challenges to the conviction and sentence of life without extended supervision, but the court of appeals rejects them all. Allen and four… Read more


State v. Clarence E. Brown, 2011AP2049-CR, District 1, 4/17/12 court of appeals decision (1-judge, not for publication); for Brown: Daniel R. Drigot; case activity Carrying Concealed Weapon, § 941.23 (2009-10) – Facially Constitutional The court upholds the constitutionality of the prior version of § 941.23, CCW, as not violating the right to bear arms (since-modified, to allow conceal-carry… Read more


Defenses – Coercion – § 939.46(1)

State v. Jeffrey A. Keeran, 2004 WI App 4, PFR filed 1/5/04 For Keeran: Joseph L. Sommers Issue/Holding: ¶5 … The coercion defense is limited to the “most severe form of inducement.” State v. Amundson, 69 Wis. 2d 554, 568, 230 N.W.2d 775 (1975). It requires a finding “under the objective-reasonable man test, with regard… Read more