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b. Entrapment

State v. Jermaine Kennard Young, 2010AP2959-CR, District 1, 3/6/12 court of appeals decision (not recommended for publication); for Young: Robert N. Meyeroff; case activity Reasonable suspicion existed to justify investigative stop of Young, based on a tip from confidential informant that someone matching Young’s description would be at a specified time and place to sell… Read more


State v. Tushar S. Achha, 2009AP1977-CR, District 2, 1/26/11 court of appeals decision (3-judge, not for publication); pro se; case activity; State Resp. Ineffective Assistance Claim – Necessity of Motion Failure to preserve a challenge to trial counsel’s performance via postconviction motion waives the issue on appeal, ¶19. Entrapment – Child Sex Crime with Computer… Read more